Books by Dave Mark


Learn C on the Mac

Considered a classic by an entire generation of Mac programmers, this popular guide has been updated for Mac OS X. Don’t know anything about programming? No problem! Acclaimed author Dave Mark starts out with the basics and takes you through a complete course in programming C using Apple’s free Xcode tools. This book is perfect for beginners learning to program. It includes Mac OS X examples!


Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI

The “Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI (Applied Mathematics)” paces itself well through the introduction of game theory, and behaviour theory, and dives right into well-explained principles and examples. Dave Mark is the author of this book. This is not a dry, academic book, it reads comfortably yet succinctly. It’s full of useful material you can digest and leverage rapidly. I’d recommend this to any of my colleagues in the industry and students alike. Despite the title, this book describes how a utility can be applied to all sorts of tricky problems, not just behavior. If you are a Game Designer or Programmer, you need to read this book, it’s incredibly useful. Don’t let the word “Mathematics” in the title scare you off, this book is about how to model decision making using Utility Theory. The math content is exceptionally well explained, and the support materials include excel spreadsheets that help you visualize the math in a stress-free way. It’s written in a very easy to read conversational style and take a high-level approach to the content that is big on concepts and light on number crunching and code. If you are new to the subject of AI you should read “Introduction to Game AI” by Neil Kirby (Designers) or “Programming Game AI by Example”.